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Video Submissions

If you are unable to audition in person, video auditions are always accepted at


In your e-mail, please include:


  • A Youtube link to any video material.

  • Current headshot.

  • Performance resume.

  • A paragraph stating your available dates, up to date contact information, and specific employment interests.



  • Prepare 2 vocal selections of varying styles, choosing music that is upbeat and positive. Please keep in mind that most of our shows consist of pop, country, rock and roll, and Broadway styles of music,. NO ACCAPELLA, classical, or original compositions.

  • Females – Please demonstrate a warm belt.

  • Males – Please show your vocal range.



  • Prepare approximately a two-minute Jazz style combination. You may also include a second piece displaying your strongest style of dance i.e. ballet, hip-hop, b-boy/girl, musical theatre or any combination of styles.

  • In addition to the combinations, please execute any other floor movements that you do well (i.e. turns, jumps, leaps, specialty moves). These do not have to be set to music.



  • Please prepare 2 selections of varying styles, choosing music that is upbeat and positive. Prepare one pop, rock or country piece and one piece that shows your technique.

  • Please no highly progressive jazz or hard rock.

  • Limit videos to 2-3 minutes in length

  • Vocals are a plus! Please include a vocal selection if you sing. You may accompany yourself.

  • We are looking for personality in your video – be sure to perform, don’t just play.

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